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I have unanswered questions

Why I didn’t walk down
The hall to see her?
Part of me felt like I
Had more time to
Spend with her.
The other part hated to
Feel trap around people’s
Who were breaking down
It took me forever to mourn
The day I cried, broke me
I had to take my S off and
Lay it down because she survive
More than me!
She fought a good fight
That’s Why GOD call her home
I’m struggling because
Death find me.
My prayers to the ones who
Lost someone before my day
Wasnt I shock that God came
And took her.
I watch and heard her give up!
The doctors gave up on her
I’m learning to grieve
But not sure if I can say
Goodbye the right way
This weekend!
They going all out?
She cant see it,
I’m sorry I don’t agree
You show them love
While they alive
So many unanswered questions but seem like I got
the answers deep down


Not sure if finish, half sleep so much running thru my head!

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