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Coming Back

to heartbreaking news.

Cuts me deep….

I return..

to some heartbreaking news…

¬†I can’t even ask God Why?

Because I know Why..

It was your time…

I know your wife is having

 a rough time..

 I pray she stay strong..

and never forget just how

much a Blessing You truly


 The Day I read the notice..

It broke my heart..

to find out you had..


My God..


Wonder where you in pain..

Did you get a chance..

to¬†let all your love’s one

know you love them…

Did they get that chance…

 to say Goodbye..

to¬†beautiful soul like yourself…

I wish I had made it back in time..

¬†to say Goodbye¬†too¬† a dear friend…

Coming Back..

And feeling like these…

when its…

little to late and you gone..

I pray you R.I.P

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Saying Goodbye

Classes just started once again, I thought It would be different these time around, but losing a love one, is making it rough for me to enjoy it. I knew the day was coming, but we had got good news that she was doing better and the doctor wouldn’t pull the plug.

Time to say Goodbye.

once again

You Gone but never


I pray the family

can stand strong..

I can’t pray for

no more pain.

We have to go

thru some.

No Pain..

No Gain..

I’m glad I had

chance to see

you one last time…

You was doing good

and looking good.

I hate it went that


without  seen

you or hearing

your voice.

I’m staying ..


We knew it was coming,

but we got word you

was doing better.

So Your death came

as a shock in more

ways then once.

Saying Goodbye..

Auntie You’ll Be Miss…

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