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Word to the Wise (Spiritual Word Of The Day)

THERE HATH NO TEMPTATION TAKEN YOU(ICor10:13). Paul writes. There hath no temptation taken you but such as is common to(mankind). Notice the word TAKEN. Suddenly you’re TAKEN by a set of circumstances you didn’t create, don’t want, and don’t know how to get out of. Understand this: you don’t pick the test, the test picks you! You don’t get to choose who breaks your heart or who gets on your nerves or who lets you down. It’s just part of Life’s journey. So you learn 3 things: Don’t judge others…Don’t tell your troubles to the wrong people. Bring it to Jesus. Have a MOMENTOUS MONDAY!



Good Morning, Another Bless & Glorious Day! I Hope Everyone Have A Bless Week! Its Time 2 Start The Work Week All Over Again, Lets Make It better than the week before… God Bless 🙂