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My Love Journey P.16

Hello and Welcome to My Love Journey, if you new make sure to check the other post out with the same title just different number.

I have been doing some serious writing and jotting down notes for My Love Journey, actually some poems to probably dedicate to it in the near future.The question today is more like What You Do if you was put in this position. Have you ever dated/talk to someone who doesn’t like to argue? So every time you would go through periods without talking and the next time you spoke its like nothing ever happen?  Me as a person I have learned to hate arguing when in a relationship. But I don’t mind arguing to save someone life. You may think that’s crazy, lets just say I would be a good lawyer if I ever decide to change my major again. I know some of us don’t like arguing with our other half, sometimes its good to have a break or space to just cool off and come back as one once its out of our system.

I love to hear from my fellow followers, so do share your opinion/thoughts on this situation. I surely can’t wait to hear from ya’ll. If I have forgotten something, I’ll make sure to comment to your question. Registered & Protected