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Learning to Forgive

I know I have written on Forgiving a few times, its part of my JOURNEY!  This post is sorta like update on how I have come long way and what I have learned through it all.

I never knew how much it could

destroy me, holding so much

angry in my heart!

Learning to Forgive

hasn’t been easy


I can honestly look at

the person I was so hurt with

 without anger

in my heart.

You know I tried to understand his

pain, but the way he act destroyed

my compassion I once had for

my own flesh & blood

Maybe it was me been sick

and laying in the hospital

that truly got me thinking.

Or maybe it was me working

on a better relationship with


That showed me how

Learning to Forgive

could be healing process

for the soul

as well  as for the body

 It hasn’t been easy!

but so worth the JOURNEY

to overcome.

it truly does make you feel good

on the inside

Learning to Forgive


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After taking a break from the post and coming back to it. Before Christmas I saw something in me, I had started to forgive my brother, and saw how much I needed to learn to forgive the other person I was mad with. I shouldnt’ have so much animosity in me, when I’m struggling with trying to make it day by day with my illness.  having talk with my mother by somethings and I realize how my body felt when I talk about certain person. I let myself get the best of me and felt like I was choking. That was a sign to let it go and end the conversation. The post is about Learning to Forgive and how  I’m a working process.