Word to the Wise (Spiritual Word Of The Day)

thumbnailcagrakcs12HIS PLANS ARE BETTER! Your STEPS are being Ordered by the Lord….Fear Not for I Am with you.



Good Morning, I pray all is well with each and everyone of you. And hope you all are staying warm. So waiting for the winter to leave and I can enjoy some spring weather. Been a rough few days, health isn’t the best, but IM ALIVE AND GRATEFUL:) I hope and pray message speak to someone soul today. God is truly good all the time, no matter what you going through. God Bless 🙂



    1. It doesn’t bother with your body? I saw you said that awhile back when I read one of your post. I can’t wait to winter is gone. I hope you staying warm and pain free. God Bless :0


  1. May you rest easy today wrapped in His arms of love, my friend. I’m there with you, wishing upon the spring season, as I have no immune system either, and end up staying closed inside during the winter months. It’s a tough haul and can get lonely. You’re focus is right though, as it is on Him ~ still grateful, still singing praises… You are such an inspiration and a ray of sunshine in the day, never forget that. Lifting you in prayer always and warm HUGS! ❤


    1. Hey Jessie, thank you for your sweet message my friend, it truly touch my heart. I do pray all is well with you and yours. I so know what you mean, abut the tough haul. God got us 🙂


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