Word to the Wise(Spiritual Word Of The Day)

openbibleConquer evil by doing good–Romans 12:21. Don’t just pretend you love others; really love them. Hate what is wrong.  Stand on the side of good. Love one another with brotherly affection and honor one another. Be prayerful always. Be at peace with everyone, just as much as possible…never avenge yourself. Leave that to God, for He said He will repay those who deserve it. Don’t let evil get the upper hand but conquer evil by doing good. ‪#‎DoinItGodWay



Good Afternoon, Another Bless & Glorious Sunday! A rainy day here, the kinda weather a love, so I can’t complain in that department. I hope the message speak to someone soul/heart today. I’m not feeling my best, I’m on some new meds, so its taking a lot out of me. And I’m also not in the mood to go to E.R, I have 2 much going on to even think about waiting to be seen to be told this and that. Anywho, thank you for the lovely prayers and comment means a lot to me. I pray all is well with each and everyone of you. So if I’m silent that just me, I’m trying to adjust and once I can handle it all. I’ll be back on top or maybe in the middle or well you know what I mean. God Bless 🙂


P.s please do keep my friend mother in your prayers, right now they believe she had another stroke, but soon as I find out more, I make sure to let you all know. Will ready for her to come home. But I know GOD has the last so.



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