Word to the Wise (Spiritual Word Of The Day)

734370_583160355031113_2099077309_nCatch…the little foxes that spoil the vines. Song of Solomon 2:15. Many of us can see the “Big Picture” of our lives and our relationship with God, but we neglect the details necessary for bringing it All into FOCUS. We must attend to “trifles”if we hope to succeed. As we act faithfully in the “little things” God will bless us with “Greater Opportunities”. We’ll develop the faithfulness and obedience to conquer the great issues in life. Only when you’re faithful in “small things” will God entrust you with Greater things (Matthew 25:21). So, what “little foxes” do you need to catch today? Little resentment, Little habits, little area of dishonesty? Nip them in the bud. Deal with them, and watch how it changes your life. #holiness


Good Afternoon, Another Bless & Glorious Day! God Is Truly Good! T.G.I.F! I Hope & Pray everyone have a good friday! Many Blessings 🙂


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