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Word to the Wise(Spiritual Word Of The Day)

The Bible is more up to date, then tomorrow newspaper!

Good Evening, I hope everyone had/having a Bless Day! Had my final today! So need a break! Yay! Hope All Is Well! God Bless



I blog for many reasons, the love of writing, to inspire and touch someone life. No matter what I'm going through in my life. It's a get away when my SC becomes to much for me to handle. I love to get carry away in MY WORLD! I'm on a JOURNEY to discover myself. God Bless! :)

4 thoughts on “Word to the Wise(Spiritual Word Of The Day)

  1. I totally love the Word to the Wise, it’s so very true! I had a good and blessed day, but a freezing one PJ…Right now it’s 4 degrees! Hope you had a blessed day and I know you did good on the final…You need a break, Yay! 🙂 Hugs


    1. Gabby,

      Oh wow, I hope you staying warm. I did pass my final. Just waiting for all my grades to come in. I plan to enjoy my break, since I’m not feeling good as of now. I’m so glad to be getting warm weather as of tomorrow. Will be in the 70’s, I told my mom, I need to move a state over which would be Fl. lol…

      Soon as I done posting and catching up I plan on emailing you back. Hope all is well. Many Blessings 🙂


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