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Word Of Wisdom

Don’t be a “public success”, but a “private failure”.

Good Morning, A Blessing be alive. God is truly good all the time. I pray all is well. With yesterday been the first day of summer, truly didn’t feel like it, since we dealing with tropical storm Cindy, stay dry if you affected.  Try to stay cool if you not. God Bless

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Amber Alert

Let me apologize ahead of time before you read the poem. I’m not finish with it, my emotions got the best of me. I’m willingly to hear the good and the bad. It still a working process…

Amber Alert

Wake up!

I’m screaming

 Wake up!

And hear me, I’m crying out

It could be your child or love ones

Please wake up


My child is missing

Have you seen my baby



Let’s shake someone to wake them

And get information

My soul

Is hurting

My baby

Is missing


Please tell me something new

I need to hear something good

~Amber Amber Amber~


Down on my knees

I’m crying out

Where is my baby?


Turn the television on

Make sure to take heed

Mother begging for her baby

Please wake the hell up


She was right here

I turn around for a second

Then she was gone

All I have to remember is her



Turn your cell phones on and check your


Somebody child is missing

We got to wake up


Call if you know anything

Please reach out

And touch them




Seems every time I decide to watch the news I’m hearing about someone child is missing. The poem is dedicated for any parents, guardian who is in need or has been put in that position. My heart goes out to each and every one of them. You never know when you maybe in their shoes so take heed and lend a hand. Registered & Protected