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You have finally arrived but still

Feeling that summer vibe.

I’m so ready to dress for the occasion even though

my body may prove me wrong.

The way the leaves change from green to red.

To wow us with its arrival.

I’m thinking of boots, different leggings to

even long sleeve shirts.


Are you here?

Do you sense me?

I love when the change of the weather greets me.

It’s like a gift from God

To be blessed to see another season



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~Lil Lady~

I once knew a little boy

who had a head full

of curls

Mixture of black,

hint of red & brown

The thing he did

would pull his beautiful


Wouldn’t let you touch

them curls

with comb or brush

Mr. Man Man didn’t play

Born with no hair

to head full of beautiful


You could lay your face

on them soft curls.


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If you wondering if I have kids, no I don’t. I only have niece & nephew and they or like my own. I love to write about them when I do my post. They both have curls to tell you the truth, but this one is dedicated to my little guy! I will have pictures posted up a little later today, right now camera battery is low. I actually post two different pictures of him with hair and no hair. And I post a picture of his sister as well. I might have to wait to move to my old computer and load pictures that way. The point of the poem is we recently got his hair cut for the first time, so he totally look like a new little boy. I actually video tape the whole ordeal and was thinking about doing a poem on that once I got the inspiration. I must say he surprise us all no crying or nothing. He was actually a good little guy! Made us so proud of him. I know I promise awhile back when I wrote I would share pictures so I’m so late with them but here or a few. Will post more once I get to my other pc or load pictures on this pc.