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Word to the Wise (Spiritual Word Of The Day)

734370_583160355031113_2099077309_nIf God has closed a door in your life—Don’t try to open it again. It was closed for a reason!  Keep it moving.  There is more in store that God has for you.


What a powerful message, it came at the right time for me. Sometime I get tempted and want to go backwards,but this right here is confirmation. Thank You Lord. My God Is Truly Good!



Good Afternoon, I hope and pray everyone have a Bless Friday and weekend:) I had such a long day yesterday. Actually had doctor appointment so didn’t have time to post, lets just say I dont like waiting and waiting and waiting to be seen!  Which it didn’t go so well, actually have doctor appointment next Tuesday for blood work and hoping it goes well, and I’ll just do updated posted on both of them that way.  T.G.I.F,actually a little behind since I havent been feeling good lately, so I have to play catch up! I pray this message touch someone. God Bless 🙂


I blog for many reasons, the love of writing, to inspire and touch someone life. No matter what I'm going through in my life. It's a get away when my SC becomes to much for me to handle. I love to get carry away in MY WORLD! I'm on a JOURNEY to discover myself. God Bless! :)

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